Destroying angels in Dutch nature reserve

This video says about itself:

A slide show of Amanita mushrooms:

1 Amanita muscaria Fly Agaric
2 Amanita gemmata Jewelled Amanita
3 Amanita virosa Destroying Angel
4 Amanita pantherina, Amanita muscaria and
Amanita citrina
5 Amanita muscaria Fly Agaric
6 Amanita rubescens The Blusher
7 Amanita rubescens var. annulosulphurea
8 Amanita excelsa var. spissa Grey Spotted Amanita
9 Amanita caesarea Caesar’s Mushroom
10 Amanita rubescens The Blusher
11 Amanita pantherina Panthercap
12 Amanita pantherina Panthercap
13 Amanita franchetii
14 Amanita phalloides Deathcap
15 Amanita phalloides Deathcap
16 Amanita strobiliformis Warted Amanita
17 Amanita ovoidea Bearded Amanita
18 Amanita porphyria Grey Veiled Amanita
19 Amanita citrina var. alba White False Deathcap
20 Amanita virosa Destroying Angel
21 Amanita echinocephala Solitary Amanita
22 Amanita ceciliae Snakeskin Grisette
23 Amanita eliae
24 Amanita vaginata Grisette
25 Amanita crocea Orange Grisette
26 Amanita fulva Tawny Grisette
27 Amanita citrina False Deathcap
28 Amanita vaginata var alba
29 Amanita phalloides Deathcap

This year, there are many destroying angels in the forests near Schoorl, the Netherlands.

Destroying angel is the English name for the mushroom species Amanita virosa.

It got its name from being poisonous. It looks similar to other fungi species, which are not poisonous.

This is a rare species in the Netherlands; though not in the forests near Schoorl.


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