Sparrowhawk and mushrooms, photos

Sunday 8 October 2012.

To Hilverbeek nature reserve, near Hilversum.

Near the entrance, two leafless trees in a meadow. In one of them a buzzard, in the other one a grey heron.

A nuthatch sings.

In the next meadow, another buzzard sits on a pole. Mute swans in a ditch.

Near the entrance of Jagtlust estate, porcelain fungus on a tree stump.

On the roof of the chicken coop of the farm near the entrance of Hilverbeek sit one female chaffinch and two female house sparrows.

A moorhen in a ditch.

Then, a sparrowhawk flies past, alarming a great spotted woodpecker.

Today it is dry weather. But there has been rain for the past days: good for mushrooms.

Three fly agaric fungi. Slugs have eaten much of them.

A robin sings.

Sulphur tuft fungi.

A group of false death cap fungi.

An Egyptian goose calls.

Common bonnet, aka toque mycena , Hilverbeek, 8 October 2012

A bit further, common bonnet mushrooms on a fallen tree.

Mycena, Hilverbeek, 8 October 2012

On the next fallen tree, another Mycena species.

A great cormorant takes off from a ditch.

Amethyst deceiver, Hilverbeek, 8 October 2012

An amethyst deceiver mushroom.

A jay lands on the forest floor.

Hare's ear, Hilverbeek, 8 October 2012

Also on the forest floor, this hare’s ear group of fungi.

Death cap, Hilverbeek, 8 October 2012

A death cap.

Adult and young mute swans, 8 October 2012

Two adult mute swans with two youngsters in a ditch.

Amethyst deceivers and false death cap, 8 October 2012

On this picture, a false death cap with amethyst deceivers.

Porcelain fungi, 8 October 2012

Then, porcelain fungi on a fallen branch.

A buzzard calls.

Russula sp.,  8 October 2012

Then, a russula species.

Penny bun, 8 October 2012

Close to it, a penny bun fungus.

Another russula, 8 October 2012

Another russula species not far away.

Lactarius sp., 8 October 2012

Then, Lactarius fungi.

We go back.

Fly agaric, 8 October 2012

And see a beautiful fly agaric group. With adult mushrooms …

Young fly agaric, 8 October 2012

… young mushrooms …

Very young fly agaric, 8 October 2012

… and very young mushrooms.

Giant polypore, Corversbos, 8 October 2012

Along the road in the Corversbos nature reserve, two fungus species grow on a tree trunk. The big giant polypore

Candlestick fungus and giant polypore, Corversbos, 8 October 2012

… and the small candlestick fungus.

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