Three new harvestmen species discovered in Peru

This video says about itself:

Mike Zrust talks about the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Research Programme of CREES in Manu, Peru.

From Wildlife Extra:

Three new species of harvestman found in Peru!

A wealth of new species still to be found

August 2013. The tropics, including the Amazon rainforest in Peru, are the most biodiverse regions on earth. A large variety of mammals, birds and insects live there. Many of them are big and colourful and immediately catch the eye of both scientists and tourists. No wonder less flashy animals are being overlooked easily.

Biologist and Frankfurt Zoological Society project coordinator José A. Ocha from Peru and professor Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha from the zoology department of Sao Paolo University in Brazil recently identified three new species in Peru. On their expeditions the two scientists have discovered three new harvestman-species of the genus Protimesius. The new species have been named Protimesius amigos, Protimesius machiguenga and Protimesius kakinte. Like mites, scorpions, pseudo-scorpions and spiders, harvestmen belong to the arachnids.

The details can be found in the current issue of the Journal of Arachnology.

See also here.

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