New scorpion species discovered in Arizona

This 2017 video is called The Scorpion – Discovery Channel Full Documentary.

From Wildlife Extra:

New scorpion species found near city of Tucson in USA

6 new species found in Arizona since 2006

March 2013. A new species of scorpion, named Vaejovis brysoni, has been found in the Santa Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. Another scorpion of the same group also inhabits this mountain range, making this the first documented case of two vorhiesi group species distributed on the same mountain.

These mountains overlook the city of Tucson, Arizona. Amazingly, in the 21st century, there are still new species to be discovered right here in the United States. What is even more surprising is that the new species was found within sight of a large metropolitan area.

Recently Dr. Rob Bryson Jr. discovered this new species while looking for a completely different animal. Many important discoveries are made this way by scientists who start out working on something completely different. He sent specimens to the authors, who determined that they were indeed a new scorpion species. At that point, the team was assembled and the rest is history.

6 new species found in Arizona since 2006

For more than 50 years only four species of mountain scorpions were known from the state of Arizona. That number has more than doubled over the past six years, with a total of 10 species now known, all belonging to the same group. Arizona is known for isolated mountain habitats in the desert known as Sky Islands. These Sky Islands are where the new species are being discovered.

“This latest new scorpion is a prime example of the amazing diversity of life still to be discovered, right here in 21st century America” adds Richard F. Ayrey, one of the co-author of the original article.

The study was published in the open access, peer-reviewed journal Zookeys.

13 thoughts on “New scorpion species discovered in Arizona

  1. We have two species of scorpions in North Georgia where I live. I truly hope they don’t discover any more here. I don’t like to be surprised by them. In fact, I like them well away from me or dead.


    • Hi Barbara, here is about scorpions in Georgia:

      If a new species would be discovered in Georgia, then that would probably mean it has been around for a long time, but people did not recognize it as a distinct species 🙂

      Many people dislike scorpions. Like many people also dislike spiders. But if there would not be any spiders, people would be stung by mosquitoes etc. a lot more.


      • Thanks so much for the link. You are right, each animal and insect is on the earth for a purpose, one that God designed tem for. When one goes extinct, it hurts all others down the food chain. I try to leave them alone and pray they will leave me alone.


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