Will Egyptian junta free dictator Mubarak?

About this 2010 video, about when Mubarak was dictator in Egypt, one might say:

Egyptian police torture is upsetting. However, people need to see that brutality is more than a newspaper article.

By Alex Lantier:

Egyptian military junta moves to free Mubarak

20 August 2013

After a week of massacres that have left thousands of unarmed protesters killed or wounded, the Egyptian military junta is moving to free the hated former dictator, Hosni Mubarak, who has sat in prison since a revolutionary uprising of the working class forced his ouster in February 2011.

When a judge cleared Mubarak on corruption charges yesterday, Mubarak’s lawyer Farid el-Deeb told the press: “All we have left is a simple administrative procedure that should take no more than 48 hours. He should be freed by the end of the week.”

El-Deeb confidently predicted that Mubarak would be cleared of another outstanding corruption charge. He would then be free to leave prison on bail, while appealing his conviction on charges of failing to stop the army’s massacres of protesters during the 2011 uprising. The junta, which includes many feloul—ex-Mubarak regime elements—and whose massacres have claimed approximately 1,000 dead and 6,000 wounded, according to official estimates, will be desperate to acquit Mubarak on those charges as well.

A Cairo criminal court ordered Egypt’s long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak freed from prison on bail yesterday, starkly illustrating the Egyptian military junta’s counterrevolutionary agenda: here.

U.S. military needs Egypt for access to critical area: here.

U.S. Arms Industry Would Lose Big from Egypt Aid Cut-Off: here.

Egypt’s military junta continued its crackdown Tuesday with large numbers of new arrests, including that of the Mohamed Badie, the so-called supreme guide, or spiritual leader, of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB): here.

IN the wake of the growing crisis in Egypt, divisions between the Arab rulers are widening as Turkey and Qatar support the Muslim Brotherhood while Saudi Arabia and Oman support the Egyptian army: here.

Workers at the state-run Mahalla Weaving and Textile Company mounted a three-day strike to force Egypt’s military junta to pay a promised profit-sharing bonus: here.

5 thoughts on “Will Egyptian junta free dictator Mubarak?

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  2. Egyptian steel workers’ strike continues

    Steel workers employed by Suez Steel have now been on strike for three weeks. They are protesting the company’s failure to pay them a profit-sharing bonus that had been agreed in February 2012. A sit-in by the workers was brutally broken up by security forces during the bloody clampdown by the new military government on August 12. Two of the strike leaders, Amr Yusif and Abd-al-Rauf, were also arrested and have subsequently been released.

    The strike, however, continues as Suez Steel insists the workers return to work before negotiations can begin, whilst the strikers are holding out for a written agreement and payment of wages due.



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