12 thoughts on “British fracking controversies

  1. Government policy knows whats best for the public of Britain, no need to vote all decisions can be made by the government which saves you the effort to make the effort, your future is assured.


  2. Tory peer in new fracking controversy

    Thursday 01 August 2013

    The Tory peer forced into an embarrassing climbdown after suggesting fracking should take place in “desolate” areas of north-east England risked further offence today – by saying he meant the north-west.

    Lord Howell, a former government energy advisor and George Osborne’s father-in-law, has now said that he actually meant “unloved” areas of the country such as parts of north-west England.

    In an interview published in the Telegraph today he said that the north-east was not “in his mind at all” but that he meant “more the drilling going on off the Lancashire coast.”



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