British bedroom tax threatens wheelchair user with homelessness

This video from Wales says about itself:

Axe the Bedroom Tax Rally and Peaceful Protest

Central Cardiff, 5th April 2014

In memory of Lynda Phillips who filmed this video.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Disabled activist fears eviction after defeat

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Disabled widower Richard Rourke fears he will be evicted from his home over rent arrears as a result of the bedroom tax.

He was among a group of disabled people whose legal challenge over claims that the government’s so-called “bedroom tax” unlawfully discriminates against disabled people in social housing was dismissed by the High Court.

He did not make it to the the High Court in London to hear they had failed today, as he could not afford to travel from his home in Bakestone Moor, Whitwell, near Worksop, for the hearing.

After the ruling Mr Rourke, 46, said: “They make us feel like scroungers and as if we are sub-human – if that was their intention then they have succeeded.”

Since April 2013 wheelchair user Mr Rourke has had his housing benefit reduced by 25 per cent on the basis that he has two bedrooms spare. He is now £251 in rent arrears and fears “it can only get worse.”

With disabled bedroom tax victims receiving a disappointing ruling recently, Liz Davies warns that it’s people power alone that’ll force a coalition retreat: here.

Campaigners celebrated a landmark win yesterday after Britain’s human rights laws saved a Glasgow wheelchair user from the controversial bedroom tax: here.

Why we can’t trust judges to beat the bedroom tax: here.

DISABLED MUST BE EXEMPTED FROM THE ‘BEDROOM TAX’ says Disability Benefits Consortium: here.

This video is about homelessness in the Netherlands.

24 thoughts on “British bedroom tax threatens wheelchair user with homelessness

  1. We need to tax politicians who are tipped with insider trading, is it surprising Great Britain become such a niggly little imp of a Nation, it was once?
    Cameron the head shrinker, must be the ancestors coming through wanting Him to return to stool work in the bedroom.


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