Botanical garden insects and other bugs

This video is called Carabus violaceusViolet Ground Beetle.

In the Dutch magazine Vriendennieuws, April 2013, Kees Langeveld wrote about insects and other invertebrates in the botanical garden in Leiden.

There are flea beetles on a Solanum plant.

There are ground beetles, like Notiophilus rufipes.

At least three woodlice species live in the garden: common striped woodlouse; common woodlouse; and the pill woodlouse.

Tomocerus vulgaris, a springtail, lives in the garden too.

So does the varied carpet beetle. It is a pest in natural history museums, as it may eat their butterfly collections. However, in the botanical garden its eating of dead insects is useful.

At least three ladybug species were found: two-spot ladybird; seven-spot ladybird; and harlequin ladybird.

On asparagus there was the common asparagus beetle. On lilies, the scarlet lily beetle. On a water dock plant, a waterlily leaf beetle.

On mint plants, Chrysolina coerulans beetles.

Parasite Ants Drafted as Mercenaries: here.

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