17 thoughts on “Greek teachers demonstrate against forced military mobilisation

  1. Power latest victim of privatisation push

    Wednesday 15 May 2013

    Greece’s government said today that it will break up the state-run Public Power Corporation (PPC) by 2016.

    About a third will be spun off to create a rival company while wholly owned transmission operator Admie will also be sold. The government will end up with only 34 per cent of the company and powers to veto decisions.

    The plan is part of the privatisation programme demanded by the country’s troika of bailout creditors – the EU, IMF and World Bank.

    “There will be no dismissals,” claimed a spokesman, insisting the privatisation had the full backing of the government’s coalition partners.

    PPC employs about 20,000 people.

    There was no immediate reaction from electricity workers’ union Genop-PPC.



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