Greek austerity kills Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse magazine in Greece

After our item on blind rodents, immune to cancer, another rodent. Not blind at all: quite big eyes. Immune to cancer too, as far as I know. However, not immune to the economic race to the bottom of “austerity” which destroys health care, education etc. in Greece and elsewhere.

Many Greek parents who used to be able to afford both health care and Mickey Mouse magazines for their children are unable to pay for either by now.

From Keep Talking Greece blog today:

Mickey Mouse fells victim of the Greek crisis

The Greek crisis swallows another famous victim: Mickey Mouse. After 48 years of publishing the Mickey Mouse magazines in Greek, Christos Terzopoulos announced the stop of the publication.

The Greek edition of Mickey Mouse was published by Nea Aktina S.A. from 1 July 1966 until August 2013.

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras Should Resign: here.

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