20 thoughts on “Thatcher against British miners and pro-peace women, new documents

  1. The miners had, on several occasions, held the country to ransom, and almost brought it to its knees, in their totally unreasonable and unrealistic demands. This was a fight they chose to pursue, very often with thuggish tactics, and a fight they had to lose in the national interest. All measures, of course, had to be considered.


    • OyiaBrown, can you give us sources for reference purpose, to substantiate your clam of miners being unreasonable and unrealistic, I have not heard the miners had a element of thuggish behaviour.
      With regard to your comment of all measures, would you consider it reasonable to machine gun down the miners? as a example that as a working class person, you are a subhuman being and should be treated as such? furthermore the authorities of management endorse workers to be subservient? to their superiors?


  2. Good video.
    I like your appropriate response to “All measures”, my feelings towards statements like that are probably not suitable for this blog.

    Thatcher’s destruction knew no boundaries.

    As you may already know, I have a great deal of admiration for this blog.

    Respect to you,


    • Thank you Ronnie!

      The present British Conservative Prime Minister, Cameron, did dissociate himself for Thatcher’s support for apartheid in South Africa.

      However, in many other ways, he continues with Thatcher’s policies.


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