18 thoughts on “Greek teachers fight destruction of education

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  2. I think unemployment is of it self not a reason to feel bad about, the problem with our world, is the desire to constantly improve or so called develop it, which usually means you impose technology on often the natural world, and also destroy the past such as we see in Syria, and pretty much every where, often the past has great beauty and charm, that is destroyed for progress, progress is assumed to be what is better for us, I think overall it means profit for a few, and other than a egoistical desire to be adored or what ever, valued? often it leaves the world in a worst condition.
    Bertram Russell, said I believe the world in terms of modernism is all for a regret of mine, I am not able to quote exactly this but its along these lines.
    I remember as a child I used to go to a farmhouse, where the chickens and farm animals lived in part in the house, I know you most likely find this revolting, but I used to frequent this house a lot, it was sheer relief from the correct and proper house I lived in, sort of wild, Iloved it and these people, they are now all from another era.


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