Bird houses in your own home

This video is called British Garden Birds Feeding.

From Wildlife Extra:

New bird houses can be built into your walls

February 2013. Having worked for many years as a builder, Duncan McCutchan was frustrated by the lack of opportunities to incorporate nesting sites into housing developments which are increasingly happening on green sites.

So he decided to do something himself, and he started to build nesting sites into walls. He has now built on his knowledge and experience to produce nesting boxes which are designed to be incorporated into buildings.

The boxes are designed so that the fronts can be easily removed so that they can be cleaned out and monitored. The boxes, suitable for birds and bats, are unique and have the potential to benefit many British species of birds and bats. These boxes provide permanent nesting and roosting sites and will last the lifespan of the building; they are also more predator proof and weather resistant than traditional wooden boxes.

Wildlife Extra would like to see the day when it is compulsory to include something like this in all new build houses.

To find out more about these boxes, go to

A shoe bird house can be a whimsical addition to your backyard, and it’s easy to turn an old pair of shoes into a comfortable, cozy nesting spot for your feathered friends. Learn how to easily recycle shoes into homes for birds, and you’ll never wonder what to do with a worn out shoe again: here.

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