15 thoughts on “Bird and gorilla tourism in Uganda

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  5. Mountain gorilla dies after falling from tree

    Subordinate silverback fell 20 – 30 metres

    March 2013. Ruhemuka, a subordinate Silverback in the newly habituated Kahungye Mountain gorilla family in Uganda has died after falling from a tree.

    The robust silverback, estimated to be around 30 years old, is believed to have fallen out of a tree from a height of 20-30 metres on March 6th, 2013. The post-mortem and necropsy of the silverback and revealed that the SB who was the second in command after Rumanzi, had sharp trauma and deep injuries on the face, nose and mouth. One of the maxillary incisor teeth was broken.

    The report further shows a deep brain injury from the fractured skull and neck. The vertebrae (neck bones) had protruded into the cranium/ brain. The diaphragm had been burst and abdominal organs were in the chest. Internal bleeding was massive in the chest region

    The silverback died in the area of Kahunge hill on a steep side with Maesa. In the morning of Wednesday, March 6th, the group was found in Kahunge area. The gorillas had been in Maesa plants feeding on fruits.



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