Christine Lagarde, no honorary doctorate in Belgium!

Greece and austerity, cartoon

From the AVAAZ site:


ENGLISH. We do not accept that the KU Leuven

the Roman Catholic university in Leuven, Belgium

awards a honorary doctorate to Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, since she leads a huge austerity and privatization offensive, throwing tens of millions of people into misery. …

On October 29, the KU Leuven will award Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, a honorary doctorate for “her outstanding and internationally recognised leadership during times of financial crisis”. The KU Leuven praises “her strong leadership, her exceptional legal and macroeconomic vision, and her lucid analyses”. Furthermore, she is “a shining example for our students of economics” (

This is an insult to and shows a complete lack of respect for the tens of millions of people who are thrown into misery by the IMF-led Troika. In Southern Europe, the continuous fire of austerity and privatization measures is causing a huge increase of unemployment, poverty, hunger, suicide, etc.

Moreover, this policy results in a shrinking market and, hence, in a further deepening of the crisis.

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