IMF Lagarde heckled in Amsterdam

Greece and austerity, cartoon

Not all people like Christine Lagarde, the boss of the International Monetary Fund after her predecessor resigned in a sex scandal.

French police are investigating her role in a corruption affair.

In Belgium, there was protest against awarding a honorary doctorate to Ms Lagarde.

And this morning, at the university of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, demonstrators heckled at a lecture by Lagarde. They were members of ReINFORM, an organisation of Greeks in the Netherlands.

ReINFORM opposes the harsh austerity measures by the IMF, causing misery in Greece and elsewhere.

According to Dutch NOS TV, “security” arrested about seven people for heckling Ms Lagarde’s speech.

According to NRC Handelsblad daily, the demonstrators were students from Greece and Spain.

See also here.

11 thoughts on “IMF Lagarde heckled in Amsterdam

  1. IMF chief Christine Lagarde interview in Amsterdam interrupted by student demonstration

    The Associated Press

    May 7, 2013

    AMSTERDAM – International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde’s appearance at the University of Amsterdam has been interrupted by chanting students.

    IMF Managing Director Lagarde was speaking to students about the European debt crisis when organized students mixed in with the audience began interrupting pre-approved questions, apparently with criticism of the fund’s policies.

    Security guards grabbed several students leading the chants, which began with the sneer “Madame Lagarde!”, and dragged them away from the building’s lobby, where the interview is continuing.

    Lagarde said she currently spends about half her time addressing problems in Europe.


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