NATO allies kill Afghan civilians

This video says about itself:

On Tuesday, hundreds of students in eastern Afghanistan staged the first significant protest in response to the deaths of 16 civilians, shouting angry slogans against the U.S. and the American soldier suspected in the killings. (March 13)

From AFP news agency:

Pro government Afghan militia ‘kills 8 civilians’

September 02, 2012

Afghanistan: [a] pro-government Afghan militia commander and his men Sunday shot dead at least eight civilians in revenge, after mistakenly blaming villagers for a Taliban attack, officials said.

The commander, identified as Qadeer, drove to Kanum village outside the northern city of Kunduz with about 20 members of his militia and killed eight villagers, the Kunduz provincial governor told AFP.

“The Taliban had killed two men and dumped their bodies in Kunum village. One of them was Qadeer’s man,” Mohammad Anwar Jegdalek said.

“Qadeer, thinking his man was killed by the residents of Kunum, went there and killed eight villagers. We have launched a hunt to arrest Qadeer.”

Three others including a woman were wounded, he said.

Speaking anonymously, an interior ministry official in Kabul gave a similar account to AFP but said a total of nine people had been wounded.

Local doctor Taza Gul said 10 bodies were brought to his hospital.

Jegdalek’s spokesman Enayatullah Khaleeq told AFP Qadeer was a pro-government militia leader.

4 thoughts on “NATO allies kill Afghan civilians

  1. You know your headlines tend to be misleading. Not just this one but many of them. You have interesting posts but if you wish to maintain your “followership” you have to be consistent. The headlines would have been more accurate if you had said something like “Misguided Afghan Militia Kills Eight Civilians.”


  2. Afghan pro-govt militias kill 10 civilians


    September 02, 2012 6:08PM

    PRO-GOVERNMENT militiamen have attacked civilians in a village, killing 10 people and injuring eight in northern Afghanistan.

    “The Arbakis attacked civilians in Kanam village on the outskirts of Kunduz city and opened fire on them for retaliation of the death of a colleague who was killed by the Taliban there late Saturday,” Kunduz Governor Mohammad Anwar Jegdalek told DPA.

    Arbakis are local militias formed by the central government and NATO to combat Taliban presence in remote areas.

    “Our initial reports indicate that 10 civilians have been killed and eight others injured. It is not clear yet if there were women and children among the dead and injured,” the governor said.


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