German Afghan war atrocities exhibition

This video is about the German Kunduz massacre in Afghanistan.

This video is also about the Nato airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan in 2009, which killed up to 142 people, mainly civilians. US forces launched the strike on fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban, following advice from German ground troops.

By Wolfgang Weber in Germany:

Munich exhibition documents German army atrocity in Afghanistan

8 February 2011

On the night of September 4, 2009, the order by German army Colonel Georg Klein to bomb a gathering of villagers, including many children and young people, in the province of Kunduz, Afghanistan resulted in exactly 91 deaths, as well as a number of serious injuries.

These were the facts exposed by two journalists, Stern magazine editor Christoph Reuter and photographer Marcel Mettelsiefen, after several weeks of research. The results of their work are now being presented from February 2 to 20—paralleling the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) security conference—at Munich’s House of Literature in the exhibition “Kunduz—September 4, 2009: Looking for clues” and published in book form under the same title by Rogner & Bernhard. The exhibition is a harrowing documentation of the greatest war crime committed by German officers since the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich in 1945.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier are due to answer questions on a military airstrike that killed dozens of civilians in Afghanistan in September 2009: here.

Two television films on German military operations in Afghanistan have been aired in the past several years. Both films, each in its own way, were aimed at undermining the widespread popular hostility to war. Foreign Assignment (2012, Till Endemann) justifies the deployment of German armed forces for war purposes. A Murderous Decision (2013, Raymond Ley) makes it clear that as far as the filmmakers are concerned, mistakes and civilian casualties are a normal occurrence in the course of such operations: here.

Probe into embezzled money in Kabul Bank has been ordered as the general prosecution officials said: here.

U.S. “Choosing to get” Afghanistan “fundamentally wrong”: here.

Afghan Air War Doubles: Now 10 Attacks Per Day: here.

An ex-soldier deafened by a bomb in Afghanistan has appeared in court in Belfast charged with rape and false imprisonment. Gerald Verner, 23, of Forthriver Park, is also accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm, sexual assault and threats to kill against the same woman: here.

WikiLeaks: Brown urged McChrystal to play down Afghan situation: here.

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