Shell pollution iPhone satire video

This satirical video says about itself:

Shell‘s Live With It! application explores the role technology can play in addressing the tragedies inherent in the oil and gas industry. Innovative uses of QR codes and geo location software have resulted in an easy to use app available for download now. More at

From African Spotlight:

Living with the worst

At the same time, Dutch environmental organisation Friends of the Earth Netherlands launched a new anti-Shell campaign “Worse than Bad” with the catch-line: “Living with Shell is bad and it is getting worse every day. Tell the world.”

The climax of this pre-shareholder meeting campaign came just a week ago with the launch of the sarcastic iPhone app “Live with it”. Presented by an actor impersonating a top Shell executive, it invites viewers to use the app to report oil spills in exchange for rewards points. It is a parody of an official Shell app for iPads, “Inside Energy”.

“Live with it” has attracted over 20,000 views, mostly in the US, Netherlands, UK and Germany. A spokesman for the organisation says the stunt generated a lot of discussion. A Shell spokesman told RNW that the company has no official reaction to the video or its impact.

7 thoughts on “Shell pollution iPhone satire video

  1. Very well done! This type of communcations do more to get the point across than some of the serious ones. I always remember a “don’t litter” campaign that was going nowhere until they started the cartoons. Then “bingo”, they hit the correct audience. I bet this gets Shell’s attention. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”) today said it acquired acreage in Texas from Chesapeake Energy in a further step to build a leading portfolio of shale assets rich in oil and natural gas liquids. The $1.935 billion transaction is expected to close within 30 days.

    This announcement supports Shell’s strategy of further building an industry-leading liquids-rich shale resource. The acquisition provides both existing production and near-term growth potential from a proven resource, as well as promising opportunities for expansion.

    The acquisition covers 618,000 net acres in the Permian Basin in West Texas that currently produces some 26,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and has significant growth potential.


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