United States bombs Somali civilian buildings

This video is called Civilians bear the brunt of Somalia fighting.

From Garowe Online (Garowe, Somalia):

Somalia: Air Strikes Hit Coastal Town in Bari Region

24 August 2012

Qandala β€” Air strikes reportedly from a US military aircraft or naval ship on the coastal town of Qandala caused damage to many buildings in the town, Garowe Online reports.

So, this time the bombs apparently hit “only” civilian buildings. Unlike one of those other times or another one of those other times, and unlike the time when United States helicopter bombs bombed a Somali wedding.

According to sources in Qandala the strikes hit Thursday afternoon after naval ships which had been patrolling the coast of Qandala for days. It is unclear as of yet if the strikes were from a naval ship or planes that had taken off from the naval ship as attempts to reach US naval bases stationed in Somali waters failed.

However residents in Qandala say that the strikes were from planes which had been doing surveillance on the coastal town for days. Sources close to Puntland government say that the areas which the US naval ships targeted were areas of specific interest. Last month Yemeni Al Qaeda operative and two other Al Shabaab agents smuggled in explosives but were caught by Puntland police. The two Al Shabaab agents escaped from the scene.

So, an excellent reason to bomb civilian buildings a month later. [Sarcasm off]

According to Puntland government the police are closing in on the two agents after uncovering new leads in the investigation. … Many Bossaso residents rushed to Qandala after hearing about the airstrikes bringing medicine and supplies to the remote coastal town.

It would be unfair to say that the United States armed forces are the only such problem in Somalia. So are some of their allies.

Human Rights Watch says:

Somalia: Protect Civilians in Kismayo – Three Dead, Two Wounded in Kenyan Naval Shelling

Witnesses Say Kenyan Navy in Reprisal Attacks On Somalia: here.

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