US airstrikes in Somalia kill many civilians

This video is called Ethiopian and US invasion of Somalia 20 Dec. 2006.

Associated Press reports:


MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan 9, 2007 — At least one U.S. airstrike in Somalia that targeted an al-Qaida cell wanted for two 1998 U.S. embassy bombings killed large numbers of Islamic extremists, government officials said Tuesday. …

Eyewitnesses also said another attack was carried out about 155 miles north of the original strike.

It is the first overt military action by the U.S. in Somalia since the 1990s and the legacy of a botched intervention known as “Black Hawk Down” that left 18 American servicemen dead.

Yes, of course, from miles high in a warplane, you can see whether you bomb a Muslim, a Christian, or an atheist.

And whether they are ‘extremist’ or not as well.

And if anyone moves, that is proof of card carrying al Qaeda membership [sarcasm off].

Further escalation of war in Africa.

US assistance to proxy Ethiopian invaders into Somalia apparently was not enough for the Bush administration.

The AP report continues:

U.S. Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown in Bahrain said the Navy had no supporting role in U.S. attacks in Somalia.

Really … Charlie Brown!

Sounds more like a comic book than like reality … if so many civilians would not have been killed.

According to eyewitnesses quoted by Dutch NOS TV, which said nothing about victims being supposedly al Qaeda members.

The AP report continues:

Separately, a witness told the AP that a gunship hit targets about 30 miles east of Afmadow town, 155 miles north of Ras Kamboni.

“My 4-year-old boy was killed in the strike,” Mohamed Mahmud Burale told the AP by telephone from the outskirts of Afmadow. “We also heard 14 massive explosions.”

See also here.

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14 thoughts on “US airstrikes in Somalia kill many civilians

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    By the way, this Somalia entry was originally months old. and I made a change to it. Then, unexpectedly, it moved to a more recent date, as Blogsome sometimes does.


  2. Eritrea: An Inexcusable And Unjustifiable Failure (Asmara)

    25 August 2007
    Posted to the web 27 August 2007


    Eritrea had from early on cautioned the world in general and the US in particular that the Somali problem should be solved by the Somalis themselves and that external military intervention in that country would only prolong and worsen instability and destruction.

    But this cautioning had fell on deaf ears and the invasion of Somalia was carried out. Now, nine months after the invasion, Somalia is in a state of grave turmoil and unrest never seen before.

    In their entire history, even during the period following the fall of the Siad Barre regime, the Somali people have never experienced such chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the TPLF invasion. The US Administration, represented by the TPLF regime had conceitedly enforced their choice of a puppet government on a people who had made their choice unmistakably clear. This blatant use of force had caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians, the displacement of hundreds of thousands more and brought on further conflict and tension.

    At a time when the state of affairs in Somalia is escalating from terrible to worse, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer had in a recent briefing attempted to show that the US is blameless in the Somali issue. It is a recent memory that in the days just before the TPLF invasion of Somalia, Ms. Frazer had not only asserted that Ethiopia had the ‘right to defend itself’ but also saw to it that both Ethiopia and Kenya got several millions of dollars of aid to be used in the invasion.

    The truth being so, it is startling to now hear Ms. Frazer saying that ‘the US had warned Ethiopia not to send its troops into Somalia , but Ethiopia had interfered there for its own security reasons’. Perhaps Ms. Frazer does want to recall the role the US war planes played in the invasion, a fact which everyone in the world is aware of.

    The unfounded allegation against Eritrea for the cause of their failure in Somalia is also another attempt to shy away from the responsibility of their actions. But this should not baffle anyone, because the volatile situation in Somalia is the direct outcome of their invasion. After 16 years of unrest, the people of Somalia began to experience peace and stability for few months, and it is only natural for them to oppose anything that threatened their new found hope and resolve to reinstate their country.

    The armed opposition in Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia against the invading troops of the TPLF’s regime is just a natural response by a people whose initiative towards reconciliation and peace has been thwarted and nothing more. Invasion and repression always give rise to opposition, and thus the current instability in Somalia is a direct consequence of the United States’ misguided policies.

    The continuous allegations against Eritrea through briefings and statements by officials from the US Department of State in relation with the Somali issue emanate from the embarrassing failure they sustained and are just simply futile attempts to shake off accountability. Yet, try as they might their failure cannot be justified by mere statements and briefings.


  3. Eritrea: President Isaias Dismisses As Baseless Anti-Eritrea Accusation By U.S. State Department Officials (Asmara)

    31 August 2007
    Posted to the web 1 September 2007


    President Isaias Afwerki dismissed as baseless anti-Eritrea accusation by U.S. State Department officials, and underscored that it emanates from the failed strategy they pursued in Somalia.

    The President made the remarks in an interview with Aljezeera TV yesterday. He pointed out that so-called talks that “Eritrea is supporting the Islamic Courts Union” is astonishing when viewed against claims that “the ICU has been destroyed and wiped out.” President Isaias further indicated that the US State Department officials are resorting to such unfounded allegation and defamation in a futile bid to justify the mistakes they had committed.

    Pointing out that the situations in Somalia is the outcome of US open invasion and intervention through its mercenary agent, the Ethiopian regime, he underscored that if the desired target is to enable the Somali people reconstitute their country, the UN should play its due role.

    As regards the Eritrea-Ethiopia border issue, President Isaias noted that the issue had reached legal conclusion through the Boundary Commission’s final and binding ruling in accordance with the Algiers Agreement of 2002. He went on to explain that the implementation of the ruling has been hindered for the past 5 years due to non-compliance of the TPLF regime and those who prop it up.

    In reference to the meeting organized by the Boundary Commission that is scheduled to take place in The Hague on September 6, the President stressed that provided the implementation of the ruling is carried out in its legality, there would be no issue for new crisis between the two countries.

    On relief aid, President Isaias said that “we will request aid when needed, but we will not accept any party that tries to enforce it on us.” He elaborated that Eritrea is currently exerting vigorous efforts to achieve food security.

    The President said that for the US to ensure its strategic interests in any part of the globe, it should be through fostering civilized and constructive relations, as well as mutual respect and positive engagement, and not through threat and intimidation. In this regard, he reminded the US to mend its behavior.


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