Sharks, jellyfish in English aquarium

This video from Britain is called Male seahorse giving birth at The Deep, Hull.

By Peter Frost in England:

There’s a green sustainable message which kids will enjoy as much as any white-knuckle ride theme park. One worth checking is Down Among The Jellyfish (The Deep, Tower Street, Hull, which is much more than an aquarium. The Deep is an amazing hands-on exhibition of the wonders of the oceans and it explains the threats and the evolution of the denizens of the seas.

Sharks are the stars of the show but there are turtles and octopuses and a hundred different kind of fish. As well as the live exhibits there are all kinds of imaginative displays that take you deep beneath the sea.

Many undersea creatures make their home here. Most you might expect but surprisingly the most beautiful are the tiny pink, lacy and fragile baby jellyfish.

The Deep is the only place in the world where jellyfish are bred in captivity. Don’t miss the sea horses either.

Perhaps more than any other creature they are the symbol of the sustainability of our oceans.

Peru seizes 16,000 dried seahorses headed to Asia: here.

Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality? Here.

Spectacular Russian jellyfish of the White Sea – in pictures: here.

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