HSBC banksters want to kick out Occupy Hong Kong

This video is called Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” Protest.

That the giant HSBC bank has helped drug gangsters and al-Qaida terrorists is not the only reason why they are in the news.

Today, from daily The Morning Star in Britain:

HSBC wins court bid to kick out Occupy activists in Hong Kong

Monday 13 August 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

Banking giant HSBC won a legal bid today to clear out anti-capitalist protesters from a public space below the bank‘s Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

A judge ruled that the activists must leave by 9pm on August 27.

Occupy protesters have been living under the bank’s headquarters since October last year, when protesters in Hong Kong joined others around the world in demonstrating against corporate excess and economic inequality.

About a dozen activists are still living in the large open space on the ground floor of the HSBC building which was occupied by more than 200 protesters at the height of the movement.

The activists have made themselves at home by setting up tents, tables, sofas and chairs, bookcases, lamps and gas cookers.

They have outlasted many other Occupy encampments around the world that have been shut down by authorities and their members have vowed not to budge.

“We’ve never asked for permission from the law, we’ve never asked for permission from the courts, we’ve never asked for permission from HSBC,” said Occupy activist Nin Chan.

“From the very beginning we’ve never recognised these authorities as legitimate.”

While HSBC owns the land, it’s legally designated as a public passageway.

The judge ruled that the activists’ use of the space goes beyond the land’s designated use.

Bailiffs clear out Hong Kong Occupy camp: here.

Scandals emerging from the financial services industry on an almost daily basis point to the ongoing criminal practices of British banks. They expose the complicity of the regulators—the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Bank of England (BoE), who famously practice “light touch” regulation—and successive governments that function as the advocates and protectors of these financial gangsters: here.

On August 6, police forcibly evicted Occupy protesters in front of the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt-Main: here.

On August 9, the US Justice Department announced it was ending a criminal investigation into allegations that Goldman Sachs committed securities fraud in its underwriting and marketing of mortgage-backed securities in the months leading up to the Wall Street crash of September 2008. The department said it would not file charges against the bank or any of its employees: here.

18 thoughts on “HSBC banksters want to kick out Occupy Hong Kong

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    Yen Alcala, 714-727-8129,
    Zaina Alsous, 919-757-1031,
    Ben Carroll, 919-604-8167,

    The Coalition to March on Wall Street South stands in solidarity with Occupy Charlotte and the occupation of Marshall Park and supports Occupy Charlotte’s statement, which follows:

    “Occupy Charlotte, NC, is calling for support of our peaceful Occupation of Marshall Park in the Wall Street of the South. During the Democratic National Convention our voices will be heard. Hundreds from across the country are already here. Thousands are on their way. Come and join us! This is the hour! This is the moment!

    Any repression of this Occupation would be a black eye on the City of Charlotte and the Democratic National Convention at a national and international level. This would be a greater embarrassment to the City and the DNC than an inconvenience to us. The whole world is watching.


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