29 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street anniversary, David Rovics song

  1. It’s so familiar that it’s almost a cliche: Yesterday in New York City, the police arrested some people on Wall Street. But it wasn’t any of the bankers and traders who’ve broken the law of the land, gotten rich off the suffering of those less fortunate and crashed the American economy who were wrestled to the ground and bundled into police wagons.

    Instead the NYPD – Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s “private army” – arrested almost 200 nonviolent protesters, not to mention several journalists (including a Truthout contributor), grabbing them off the sidewalk for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Meanwhile, the banksters are free to throw money at political candidates and shape the election to their will. And at least one of the men running for president, Mitt Romney, has made it as clear as day that if he’s elected, they’ll have free reign to continue plundering. Romney doesn’t find greedy, criminal bankers distasteful – it’s the poor he can’t stand.

    So who’s going to hold the rich and powerful accountable? It’s those same independent journalists who risk their necks to expose the truth, whether it’s the misdeeds and secret agendas of those at the top, or the people working from the grassroots to make a better world.

    That’s the kind of journalism we publish at Truthout, but we can’t do it without your help.


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