Occupy Wall Street anniversary, David Rovics song

In the USA: Occupy Wall Street Begins “Year II” With Call to Debt Resistance: here.

This music video by David Rovics in the USA says about itself:

Stay Right Here

by David Rovics – Vocal and Guitar
Drums Jerrod Kaplan
Bass Arcellus Skyes

Recorded at Big Red Studio by Billy Oskay
Video Edited by Chris Chandler and Jen Delyth
Shot by Chris Chandler
with clips by Anonymous, Public Domain, The Bouyaomar and Ericu510

Because this is where they buy the politicians
Because this is where power has its seat
Because ninety-nine percent of us are suffering
At the mercy of the madmen on this street
Because all of us are victims of class warfare
Being waged on us by the one percent
Because these greedy banksters rob the country
Leaving us without the means to pay the rent
Because the last time that we had a decent government
Was about 1932
Because we the people are supposed to run the country
But instead it’s all run by and for the few
Because now we know the rich do not pay taxes
But when they need a hand it’s us who bail them out
Because we suspected we lived in a plutocracy
But suddenly of late there is no doubt

And so we’re gonna stay right here (2x)

Because both my parents lost their savings
Because I have never opened an account
Because the interest on my credit card just doubled
And now I can’t pay the minimum amount
Because these budget cuts are just immoral
With our schools as overcrowded as they are
Because there are no buses where I live
But I can’t afford to drive a car
Because so many of us don’t have health insurance
The rest of us have it but it sucks
Because the rich are riding in their private jets
While the rest of us are slogging through the muck
Because capitalism isn’t working
This system has just failed to produce
Because the one percent is prospering
While the rest of us just suffer their abuse

Because it has been demonstrated amply
That the winners are the ones who stick around
Because this world should belong to everyone
Not just the banksters who would smash it to the ground
Because we’ve noticed voting doesn’t change things
When the politicians are mostly millionaires
Because we’re learning how to stand up like Tunisians
Like they did in Tahrir Square
Where a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi
Struck a match that lit up all the Earth
And all around the world the spell was broken
And a movement for the future was in birth
Because there’s only so much sh** the rich can feed us
Before we figure out which side we’re on
Because we’ve learned if we want our liberation
It will come only if we stay here til the rising of the dawn

Because corporations are not people
And we can’t just let them choose
Because if we leave our fate to them
Then all of us will surely lose
Because the climate clock is ticking
And we can’t just leave our world behind
Because corporate rule isn’t working
And it’s time for humans’ hearts and minds
Because you can’t take it with you
Because the rich just do not care
Because it doesn’t matter how much you make
But how much you can share
Because these moments don’t come often
Because we want truly to be free
Because we know what really matters
Something called society.

A year ago, thousands converged on Wall Street, leading to a wave of global anti-capitalist protests. Laurie Penny visits Zuccotti Park in New York and talks to the remaining ‘Occupiers’ trying to rejuvenate the movement: here.

Occupy‘s protest is not over. It has barely begun: here.

You Can’t Evict An Idea: What Can We Learn From Occupy? Here.

Police block Occupy march on Wall Street one year on: here.

The Government is Finally Arresting Wall Street Bankers…For Losing Wall Street’s Money: here.

Wall Street taught me how to cheat: here.

Bank of England official: Occupy Movement right about global recession. Andrew Haldane said protestors were correct to focus on inequality as the chief reason for 2008 economic crash: here.

Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, treats the career of convicted stock swindler and con artist Jordan Belfort, who benefited from the rise of the parasitic-criminal finance industry in the US to make a fortune in the late 1980s and 1990s, before eventually going to prison: here.

A group of lawyers recently released over 4,000 pages of government communications obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that reveal the extent to which law enforcement and intelligence officers went to surveil the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 and 2012. A network of “fusion centers,” organized by counterterrorism offices, coordinated mass surveillance on Occupy groups all over the United States. These activities illustrated the fear within the ruling establishment that the protest campaign could ignite a social explosion: here.

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29 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street anniversary, David Rovics song

  1. It’s so familiar that it’s almost a cliche: Yesterday in New York City, the police arrested some people on Wall Street. But it wasn’t any of the bankers and traders who’ve broken the law of the land, gotten rich off the suffering of those less fortunate and crashed the American economy who were wrestled to the ground and bundled into police wagons.

    Instead the NYPD – Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s “private army” – arrested almost 200 nonviolent protesters, not to mention several journalists (including a Truthout contributor), grabbing them off the sidewalk for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Meanwhile, the banksters are free to throw money at political candidates and shape the election to their will. And at least one of the men running for president, Mitt Romney, has made it as clear as day that if he’s elected, they’ll have free reign to continue plundering. Romney doesn’t find greedy, criminal bankers distasteful – it’s the poor he can’t stand.

    So who’s going to hold the rich and powerful accountable? It’s those same independent journalists who risk their necks to expose the truth, whether it’s the misdeeds and secret agendas of those at the top, or the people working from the grassroots to make a better world.

    That’s the kind of journalism we publish at Truthout, but we can’t do it without your help.


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