11 thoughts on “Anti-disabled corporation Atos, Paralympics sponsor

  1. I was in the ATOS office yesterday. We had to wait an hour after the appointment time to see a sad-looking nurse. When I asked why the wait she said, “We’re busy…” “So it’s not because of the holiday then?” She just frowned.
    I’ve got a rare type of auto-immune illness called Palindromic Arthritis – it’s like Rheumatoid Arthritis but the symptoms come and go really quickly. You can imagine trying to explain that to these people 🙂 It’s very painful and debilitating
    First she called it something else. When I corrected her she argued at first but then had to go and consult a doctor and eventually conceded I was right.
    What was really scary was that she didn’t know the medical terms for the wrist, ankle and finger joints. “I’m not that kind of nurse,” she explained. I didn’t like to ask what kind of nurse she actually was, but if I had been lacking in confidence she would have argued I was mistaken or making it all up.
    I’m waiting now to see what her opinion was.
    I feel sorry for loads of folk that will see their benefits cut with little hope of getting a job.
    I’ll keep you informed when I hear more 🙂
    Regards Dave


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