German nazi crimes news

This 26 July 2011 ABC TV video from the USA says about itself:

Norway Victims Begged Shooter for Their Lives

Camp counselor describes kids’ efforts to escape shooter’s rampage.

Another video from the USA, formerly on YouTube, used to be called Norway Terrorism: Its time to talk about real Western Christian Nazi Terrorism | Oslo Utøya 22/7/11.

From weekly Der Spiegel in Germany:


Right-Wing Extremist Terrorism DNA Tests Solidify Suspicions in Police Killing Case

German police have uncovered evidence that could help link the 2007 murder of a police officer to a neo-Nazi group thought to be responsible for a series of brutal killings. With the spotlight on far-right crime, calls are also increasing for a ban on the country’s most prominent right-wing extremist party, the NPD.

Investigators with Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office and Federal Criminal Police Office have made an important step towards resolving the 2007 murder of police officer Michèle Kiesewetter in the southern city of Heilbronn.

It was already believed that she was likely murdered by members of a neo-Nazi terror cell linked to the killing of nine small business owners across Germany, mostly of Turkish descent. But SPIEGEL has learned that police recently detected blood on a pair of sweat pants found in the last apartment where the group, who called themselves the National Socialist Underground (NSU), hid out in the city of Zwickau in eastern Germany. DNA tests on the clothing conducted by forensics experts confirmed with a high certainty that it was Kiesewetter’s blood.

Investigators also found two used tissues in the pockets that contained DNA traces from NSU terrorist Uwe Mundlos. After robbing a bank in Eisenach in eastern Germany in November, Mundlos and his accomplice and fellow NSU member Uwe Böhnhardt committed suicide in a trailer.

Hundreds of Pieces of Evidence

The DNA traces add to circumstantial evidence already gathered by investigators in the case. Police also found both Kiesewetter’s service weapon, as well as that of her seriously injured colleague Martin A., at the home in Zwickau where the NSU had been hiding out.

The two police officers were attacked from behind in their police car in Heilbronn in the southern state of Baden-Württemburg in 2007. The perpetrators shot each of them in the head once. Investigators later found weapons used for the crime — Tokarev TT 33 and Radom semi-automatic pistols — in the Zwickau home along with other equipment stolen from the police.

From the very beginning, investigators believed that the culprits must have somehow come into contact with the blood of their victims. It remains unclear today why the perpetrators would have kept that clothing and the weapons years after the crime took place. One of the investigators’ theories is that the group may have kept the objects as trophies.

After the deaths of Böhnhardt and Mundlos, their alleged accomplice Beate Zschäpe — the only living NSU suspect who is currently in police custody — set fire to their shared apartment in Zwickau. But she didn’t succeed in burning the entire house down, and hundreds of pieces of evidence of the terrorist group’s apparent crimes were recovered.

Calls in Germany to Ban Far-Right Party

The uncovering of the far-right terrorist group in November 2011 triggered renewed debate in Germany about action the government could take to curb right-wing extremist activities, including repeated calls to ban the National Democratic Party. Although not directly linked to the NSU, the NPD is a party that promotes radical ideology, including “racism, anti-Semitic and revisionist” thinking, according to the German government agency responsible for monitoring extremist activity in the country.

Fascists in Germany more violent: here.

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