British Conservatives at Bilderberg conference

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By Solomon Hughes in Britain:

Tories at Bilderberg

Thursday 02 August 2012

Nick Boles MP, a key Cameron ally, attended this year’s secretive Bilderberg meeting.

His trip doesn’t prove he is a shape-shifting alien – although I am open to suggestions on his space-lizardiness – but it does show the ugly nature of what Boles called the “leading and well-known” folk in charge.

The Bilderberg Group brings together 120 or so top politicians and businessmen for a conference every year.

It was founded in the ’50s after some pro-US European politicians asked the CIA’s help to get some kind of “Atlanticist” business-oriented event going.

This top nobs’ secret conflab makes many suspect Bilderberg is an agenda-setting conspiracy.

Personally I think it is something like a Tolpuddle Festival for the ruling elite – somewhere they can meet to thrash out a few ideas, express some solidarity and have a good time.

Of course, at Tolpuddle we self-consciously affirm solidarity of working people. But our elites are supposed to be all about business competition and national rivalry.

The obvious solidarity at the top shown by Bilderberg doesn’t sit well with the official story about competitive free markets and patriotic nations.

It suggests the participants feel more in common as members of an international ruling class than they feel in competition with each other.

People in the US are brought up to firmly believe in free markets and patriotism, so they are often most offended by Bilderberg meetings.

Some get so angry that they start believing Bilderberg is a powerful conspiracy, showing the world is run by Illuminati, alien lizards or Knights Templar.

Over here, I think we are more likely to shrug our shoulders and think “there goes the establishment, scratching each other’s backs again.”

Bilderberg conference proceedings are secret, but we do know the attendees. They are a creepy bunch.

Boles, a former flatmate of Michael Gove’s, was a key member of Cameron’s “Notting Hill Set.” He founded the Cameroonian think tank Policy Exchange and was this year’s Tory “rising star” at the conference.

More senior Tories also usually attend. This year it was Ken Clarke. George Osborne went to the preceding four Bilderberg conferences.

Boles told his constituents that Bilderberg was all about “leading figures” in politics and business.

This June’s conference, held in the Marriott hotel in Chantilly, near Washington, also hosted Marcus Agius, the “leading figure” who had to resign as Barclays chairman because his staff had been fiddling the figures.

Other “leading figures” at the conference include Peter Mandelson, who had to resign from government twice, only to reappear as an unelected European Commissioner.

HSBC boss Douglas Flint was also there. He hasn’t had to resign. Yet.

It’s hard not to be suspicious when the bosses from firms like Shell, Vodafone and Airbus meet with centre and right-wing politicians in secret.

Boles offered more evidence on the creepy character of the Bilderbergers.

His entry in the Register of MPs’ Interests says the American Friends of Bilderberg paid for his ticket.

US tax returns show Friends of Bilderberg directors include Henry Kissinger, James Wolfensohn and Richard Perle.

So the pals who paid for Nick’s jolly Bilderberg trip are the man behind the bombing of Cambodia, the man who led the World Bank at its worst and a leading promoter of the lies behind the Iraq war.

8 thoughts on “British Conservatives at Bilderberg conference

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