Greenland lemmings, good for sanderlings

This 2018 video is called Field work at Zackenberg research station (East Greenland).

Translated from the blog of Dutch biologists doing sanderling research near Zackenberg, Greenland; where there are are more lemmings this summer than usually:

All five [Arctic] fox dens in the research area are occupied and there are little foxes inside. In one den even seven baby foxes, a record. The long-tailed skuas also respond to the food bonanza this year, we have already found 11 nests and each of those contain two eggs, where only one egg per year is usual for these predatory gulls. We have also seen many long-tailed skuas tearing lemmings to pieces.

Good season

It promises to be a very good season with so many lemmings and, as a consequence, little predation of sanderling clutches.

This is a video in Dutch about ringing sanderlings in Greenland.

The surface of the Greenland ice shelf had a flash melting from July 8 to July 12. About 97 percent of the country experienced surface thawing, increasing from 40 percent over the span of four days. The last time such an event occurred was in 1889: here.

Greenland loses ice in fits and starts: here.

Everything You Need to Know About Arctic Sea Ice Melt, in One 10-Second Animated Gif: here.

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