Greenland sanderlings and muskoxen

This is a video of sanderlings and turnstones looking for food in the ice.

Translated from the blog of Jeroen Reneerkens and Stefan Sand, Dutch biologists now doing research about sanderlings in the Zackenberg area in north-east Greenland; where there is more snow now than usually in summer there:

These large amounts of snow have resulted this winter in many musk oxen dying. They were starving because they could not reach the plants which they feed on through the snow and ice. In the first week we found many carcasses, often eaten by arctic foxes and sometimes there we saw also ravens flying away.

Only near the research station there are quite a few snow-free places, and researchers, present there since the end of May have told me that sanderlings in the first weeks of June were present regularly between the wooden barracks of the station. Even a mating was observed from the window of one of the barracks, involving a bird which had been color ringed by me earlier.

This is a Dutch video on the sanderling research on Greenland.

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