Male-only Saudi Olympic sports?

This video is called Support Saudi women to drive their way to freedom.

From Women’s eNews:

Saudi Women‘s Olympic Dreams in Jeopardy?

Plans for Saudi Arabia to send women to the Olympics for the first time appear to be in jeopardy, reported the Associated Press April 5. Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Watan reported Thursday that Saudi Olympic Committee president Prince Nawaf does “not approve” of sending female athletes to the London Games. But he left room for Saudi women to possibly compete on their own outside the official delegation, a plan that may not satisfy demands by the International Olympic Committee. “We are still in discussion and working to ensure the participation of Saudi women at the games in London,” the IOC told The Associated Press in an email on Thursday.

Even if a few token Saudi women would be allowed to participate in the London Olympics, that would be mainly a public relations stunt for the outside world, while inside Saudi Arabia the situation for women would still be terrible.

Compare Afghanistan: world’s worst country to be a woman, also after George W. Bush’s violent “liberation”. A few token Afghan sportswomen are sent to the Olympics as propaganda props (they may defect to get away from bloody war-torn Afghanistan as soon as possible).

London 2012 Olympics: Protest groups target BP, Dow and Rio Tinto: here.

Earlier this week, media reported that Saudi Arabia had proposed holding the Olympic Games jointly with Bahrain, with the male games being held in the Saudi, and the female games held in Bahrain: here.

9 thoughts on “Male-only Saudi Olympic sports?

  1. Every country has its own rules and regulations,There are some restrictions for women in Saudi Arab.But there must be some opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia to play games.


  2. “Every country has its own rules and regulations” is a very general comment. No royal family in the world has the right to make its country a dictatorship; banning women from driving cars, from voting, etc. And treating migrant workers, including from Pakistan, unjustly. All of which, and more, happens in Saudi Arabia.


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