Saudi dictatorship in trouble

This video is called Saudi women driving for change.

From Haaretz daily in Israel:

Published 04:31 07.10.11

Latest update 04:31 07.10.11

Still sidelined in Saudia

While charitable observers say the king’s decision to allow women to vote emanates from liberalism, the real motivation is the monarchy’s fears over the regional anti-authoritarian upheaval.

Prominent Islamic cleric urges Saudi king to let women drive: here.

Saudis crush dissent and point finger at Iran for trouble in eastern province. Kingdom wary of popular uprising warns unrest will be crushed with ‘an iron fist’ and plays down protests, blaming outsiders: here.

The Saudi security forces are pulling back in troubled parts of the oil-rich country’s Eastern Province to avoid further confrontation with Shia protesters, say human rights activists, but they warn that any small incident might provoke fresh clashes: here.

Saudi Arabia: Leaked cable reveals how royals get rich: here.

Don’t pigeonhole us, say Saudi women artists: here.

U.N. rights office “distressed” by Saudi execution of 10 men: here.

This video is about poverty in Saudi Arabia.

4 thoughts on “Saudi dictatorship in trouble

  1. Dow signs deal for chemical plant

    SAUDI ARABIA: US-based Dow Chemical and the Saudi Arabian Oil Company signed a deal at the weekend to build a £13 billion chemical complex in the kingdom.

    Production could start as early as 2015.

    The complex will include 26 manufacturing units producing chemical products and plastics for use in energy, transport and infrastructure.


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