Greek health service destroyed by Thatcherism

This video is called Greek Cuts Drama: Healthcare doomed, army booms.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

On-the-spot report

Greek health service faces catastrophic cuts

By our reporters

15 March 2012

Massive cuts to the public health care service were passed by the Greek parliament on March 1.

The reduction of €1 billion euros in health spending was the final domestic legislation required under the “prior action” agreement with the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank to allow Greece access to the second 130 billion euro loan.

In early November, speaking about falling stock levels, Diane Sawyer gave viewers of World News an answer to their woes: “Blame it on the country of Greece, long-criticized for being undisciplined, and now threatening American retirements.” Usually the finger is pointed at the most oppressed and exploited layers of society: minorities, immigrants, single mothers, the unemployed. But for the representatives of capitalism who are a little more out of touch with reality, the attack is broadened to our entire class: here.

7 thoughts on “Greek health service destroyed by Thatcherism

  1. Support grows for KKE ahead of vote

    GREECE: The Communist Party (KKE) is gaining support ahead of elections that are expected to be called in late April or early May.

    A poll released on Thursday showed that while the two parties backing unelected Prime Minister Lucas Papademos remain in the doldrums.

    Pollster Pulse RC said that 9.5 per cent of people polled on Monday and Tuesday backed the KKE, 9.5 per cent the Left Coalition and 8 per cent the Democratic Left.


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