27 thoughts on “Thatcherism causes hunger and homelessness in Greece

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  6. Dear friend,

    Imagine what would happen if we all kicked off our mornings by climbing out of bed and saying, “I am really going to put in my full 50% today.”

    Nothing would ever get done if we only did half of our work – but that’s exactly how government food aid operates right now, because special interests ensure that in many cases, more than 50 percent of the money spent buying basic food grains is eaten up in overhead and red tape instead of fighting hunger.

    By fixing the upcoming Farm Bill, we can change that and move toward a food aid system that uses our tax dollars to save more lives at the same price. If we’re going get the government to reform food aid, we need to put pressure on our members of Congress now to make this change, while they’re still debating this year’s Farm Bill!

    Sign the petition to Congress: Stop wasting our food aid dollars – focus on fighting hunger.

    With food prices near record highs and extreme drought threatening food security in places like the Sahel region of Africa, reforms to our government food aid system can’t wait. Fixing our broken system starts with two simple changes:

    Buying food locally and regionally instead of having it shipped in from thousands of miles away. A pilot program has already shown that buying close to the region of need can get food to hungry people faster, saving money and lives, and helping communities build pathways out of poverty, long-term.

    Fully funding aid agencies so they’re no longer forced to sell food to make ends meet. When this happens, taxpayer dollars are wasted, local economies can suffer and the food that was supposed to fight hunger instead goes toward making sure these groups can keep the lights on. The Government Accountability Office has shown that waste from selling food aid on local markets amounted to $90 million in just one year.

    Angry yet? Want to join the GROW campaign in the fight to turn this backwards system around?

    Tell Congress to fix food aid in the 2012 Farm Bill and beyond – there’s not a moment to lose!

    That extra 50% could have a real impact in the fight against hunger. Thanks for standing up for people in poverty and working to make sure that our government’s food aid makes more than half a difference.


    Judy Beals
    Oxfam America Advocacy Fund


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