3 thoughts on “Stop anti-democratic anti-strike legislation

  1. I hate to burst your bubble here, but the American right to strike is extemely oppressed. See Taft-Hartley Act 1947. This law completely undermines the National Labor Relations act that legalized Unions and the right to strike. While Americans still have the right to strike, sympathy strikes by other unions, sit-ins, and unions sharing resources to help strikers and other tactics unions use are striclty forbidden, making it very difficult for unions and strikes to succeed.


    • Hi Randy, thanks for the comment. I was a bit unclear. With ““liberal” (in the United States sense)” I meant the *meaning of the word “liberal”* ; not that rules about strikes are “liberal” in the USA (I know about Taft-Hartley). I meant that I used “liberal” in the United States, not in the European sense.

      I meant that while “liberal” in the USA refers to e.g. the National Labor Relations act, in Dutch the word “liberaal” refers to Rightist pro-big business parties like the VVD (in United States terms, rather “conservative” than “liberal”; though it does not have Christian religious fundamentalists like the US Republican party).


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