Hyde Park birds and flowers

Great crested grebe with juvenile

On 13 November 2011, I was in Hyde Park in London.

It was sunny and still warm for that time of the year. There were rosebuds, and a hoverfly; later than one might expect.

Grey squirrels. Some of them eating walnuts, given by park visitors.

In the Serpentine: mute swans, including juveniles. Grey lag geese and Canada geese.

Coots. An adult and a juvenile great crested grebe.

Great cormorants. Black-headed, lesser black-backed, and herring gulls.

A black-headed gull grabs a piece of bread off a female mallard‘s back.

Tufted ducks. Egyptian geese on a lawn.

A male shoveler swims.

Male and female common pochard.

40.4% of schools taking part in the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch reported seeing black-headed gulls, 21.7% saw common gulls and 10.3% saw herring gulls: here.

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