Olympics and coots in Hyde Park, London

Yesterday, at the London Olympics, there was women’s long distance swimming, in the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

On TV, one could see coots swimming along with the competitors.

Hungary’s Eva Risztov won gold.

This video is called Eva Risztov of Hungary Wins Women’s 10km Freestyle Gold.

Today was the men’s event, also in Hyde Park.

Oussama Mellouli from Tunisia won.

3 thoughts on “Olympics and coots in Hyde Park, London

  1. London Underground cleaners strike for living wage

    Cleaning workers on the London Underground, employed by the private contractors Initial and ISS, began 48-hour strike action Thursday to demand a living wage and a bonus for increased work during the Olympics Games.

    The cleaners, many of whom are migrant workers, are members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union.

    After a long campaign in 2007, the workers won the right to a London Living Wage, set at £7.45 per hour to rise in line with inflation. But Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson has since frozen the wage at £8.30 per hour.

    The workers complain that this is not enough to cover their costs of commuting to work in the capital—one of the most expensive cities in the world. During the Olympic Games, they are subject to an even greater workload, but, due to their employment by private contractors, have missed out on additional work bonuses paid to other Underground staff.


    See also



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