G4S mercenaries killed refugee

This music video from England is called Steve Ignorant (Crass) Securicor, Banned from the Roxy.

Securicor is another name for G4S corporation and for GSL. Lyrics of the Crass song Securicor are here.

Britain: The family of an Angolan national who died during an attempted deportation by G4S security guards a year ago will stage a vigil tomorrow outside the Crown Prosecution Service offices in London.

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10 thoughts on “G4S mercenaries killed refugee

  1. Switzerland to ban mercenaries

    SWITZERLAND: The government introduced draft legislation on Wednesday to banish mercenary firms and tighten regulation on private security companies.

    The proposed Bill would ban Swiss-based companies from participating in armed conflicts abroad and from recruiting or training mercenaries in a bid to maintain the country’s tradition of neutrality.

    Private security contractors based there would also have to report to the government on their activities to ensure they are abiding by an international code of conduct established last year.



  2. Prisoners locked in after keys ‘lost’

    Bungling Privateers: Inmates at the first prison in Britain to be transferred from the public to private sector were locked in their cells for almost a full day after a set of keys fitting every cell door went missing, it emerged on Friday.

    Staff at a Birmingham Prison, which houses 1,450 prisoners and was taken over by private security firm G4S earlier this month, noticed the keys were missing on Tuesday.

    It was still not known on Friday if the keys had been found.



  3. G4S scraps huge ISS takeover

    BUSINESS: Notorious security company G4S abandoned its plan to buy Danish cleaning firm ISS today after its shareholders threatened to vote down the £5.2 billion deal.

    The British-based firm said it scrapped the expansion plan — announced just two weeks ago — after shareholders raised concerns over the scale of the takeover.

    The deal would have created a huge cleaning and security conglomerate with 1.2 million staff and made the firm the world’s second-largest employer.



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