7 thoughts on “Over 90% of Italian electorate votes anti-Berlusconi

  1. Court dissolves Rome governing body in women’s quota row

    Mayor responds by naming former Roma soccer club president

    15 July, 13:08

    (ANSA) – Rome, July 15 – A court on Friday dissolved the city government of Rome in a row about women’s quotas.

    The regional court upheld a complaint from leftist and Green city councillors arguing Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno had not appointed a “sufficient” number of women to the executive board.

    In a snap response, Alemanno appointed the former president of AS Roma soccer club, Rosella Sensi, as a “special official with a brief for sport and promoting the city”. Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) party, of which Alemanno is a key member, went into a huddle to weigh a response to the ruling.

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