Peregrine falcon nest in Hilversum

The second item of this RTV-NH news show video is about the peregrine falcons in Hilversum.

Translated from RTV-NH television in the Netherlands:

May 14, 2011 | 5:27 p.m.

HILVERSUM For the first time [after centuries], peregrine falcons are nesting again in the Gooi region. On the tower of St. Vitus Church in Hilversum, this special young falcon is with its parents. This Friday night, the chick was monitored, measured and ringed.

The St. Vitus Church had many years of trouble with pigeons and jackdaws. Their poop affected the stones. During the restoration between 2002 and 2004, a nest box was put into the tower, hoping for peregrine falcons, and they have arrived now. The peregrine falcon is on the red list of threatened species. In North-Holland province, about five peregrine couples live.

The peregrine chick is a female.

In a few weeks time, the young falcon will fly.

In previous years, kestrels nested in the tower nestbox.

Other Dutch peregrine chicks ringed as well: here.

Paris pigeons remember human faces, ignore the clothes: scientists: here.

September 30th 2011. If you have a spare moment between some last minute sunbathing and a late bonus BBQ this weekend, give some thought to your garden wildlife, says the RSPB. The wildlife charity is urging gardeners and householders to give nestboxes, feeders and bird baths a clean during the late warm, dry spell, ready for the frantic months of winter feeding ahead: here.

10 thoughts on “Peregrine falcon nest in Hilversum

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    aantal broedparen slechtvalk Het gaat goed met de slechtvalk in ons land. Pas sinds 1990 broedt de soort jaarlijks in ons land en in de afgelopen twee decennia is het aantal broedende slechtvalken in Nederland gestaag toegenomen. Dat aantal nadert de honderd, dus deze supersnelle roofvogel blijft ondanks zijn toename toch nog een schaarse broedvogel in ons land. De slechtvalk maakt in de stad dankbaar gebruik van het kunstmatige rotslandschap (hoge bebouwing) en jaagt er op voorbijvliegende spreeuwen en stadsduiven. De helft van onze slechtvalken broedt met succes in een nestkast, veelal geplaatst door de Werkgroep Slechtvalk Nederland.


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