Peregrine falcons, kestrels and owls

This video is about a little owl nestbox.

The people who yesterday ringed young barn owls study other birds of prey and owls as well.

This spring, for instance, they found out that there are three young falcons in the peregrine nestbox at the Saint Vitus church in Hilversum. Last year, the first nest since a very long time, there was just one peregrine chick there.

As the barn owl ringing continued, many barn swallows flew to and from their nests in the cowshed, and a starling flew overhead, they said this year there will probably be a good nesting season.

The counting of nests in the region is not complete yet. So far, they found 17 buzzard nests. And 12 kestrel nests, five marsh harrier nests, two tawny owl nests, and three little owl nests. One little owl couple’s nest is in a woodpile.

This year, peregrine falcons nest for the first time in Utrecht city. A fledgling peregrine flew for its first time. It got tired and landed on a park bench. It was brought to a bird asylum to feed it, and return it to the nest later.

England: Jubilations as first Chichester Cathedral peregrine chick takes flight: here.

A sad goodbye to Chichester peregrines…but the story continues: here.

The peregrine falcons that led the recolonisation of the Capital by this amazing species are back on show at the Tate Modern for the seventh year on the trot: here.

Tawny owl sounds: here.

5 thoughts on “Peregrine falcons, kestrels and owls

  1. Thank you, Dear Kitty! I love that your 10 things are about birds. I used to live in Minnesota and had the thrill of seeing the occasional snowy owl. My dad rehabilitated a barn owl long ago and it stayed in the area for many years and would even fly into the kitchen and hang out.


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