Moroccan desert and river birds

24 December 2010

Today is our last full day in Morocco.

From Merzouga, where we went to the sandy desert yesterday, we go to the region around Erfoud.

8:15: brown-necked raven flying.

10:45: white-crowned wheatear sitting on a heap of sand.

A great grey shrike on a shrub.

A cattle egret drinking in a ditch in an oasis.

12:15: two adult and one juvenile long-legged buzzard sitting on the roof of an abandoned building. A feral pigeon sitting next to them.

This is a house bunting video recorded in Morocco.

12:30: near a restaurant entrance in Boulmane de Dades, house buntings and common bulbul.

At 15:40, we are back at the river near Ouerzazate. Many shoveler ducks.

Grey herons.

At least two squacco herons.

Little grebes.

Many ruddy shelducks.

Chiffchaffs in the reedbeds.

Barn swallows.


A snipe flying.

Finally: wood sandpipers.

9 thoughts on “Moroccan desert and river birds

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