Back from Morocco

25 December 2010.

After yesterday, today, we get up early to go to Ouarzazate airport.

There we see our last Moroccan birds: yellow-legged gulls.

This is a yellow-legged gull video from Italy, showing both adult and juvenile gulls.

After changing planes at Casablanca, at 15:09 Central European Time we are near Bordeaux in southern France.

At 15:14 near La Rochelle.

At 15:50 north of the river Seine. Most of northern France is covered with much snow.

At 15:56 we are near Amiens.

Then, to Belgium and the Netherlands, both snowy as well.

At 16:10, we pass the Westerschelde river.

At 16:15, Tiengemeten island.

Transition plan for the BirdLife Morocco programme launched: here.

Assortative mating for carotenoid colouration but not size in the Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis: here.

11 thoughts on “Back from Morocco

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