BP oil disaster cover-up scandal

This video from the USA says about itself:

BP Oil Spill: Wings on the Ground – The Audubon Society Part 3

The last segment of a three part interview with the Audubon Society, Finley Hewes and Dustin Renaud take us through their experiences dealing with the aftermath of the oil spill. Watch in the second half of the piece for a suggestion on a way to help migratory birds on their way through the damaged Gulf landscape on their annual journeys. I’m not sure that it’s anything that most people would have thought of and it’s something that people can do even if they live far from the Gulf.

USA: A damning new report reveals that the Obama administration suppressed information regarding the size of the BP oil spill, handicapping response efforts and confusing public perception of the catastrophe: here.

Obama advisor: BP has ‘financial interest’ in downplaying spill size: here.

Gulf Oil Lingering on the Sea Floor: here.

Impact of Gulf Spill on Smallest Creatures Remains Unknown: here.

Did BP cost-cutting pressure on employees contribute to the Gulf oil disaster? Here.

Oil disaster threat in Dutch Wadden Sea: here.

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