Bishop blames Love Parade victims

This video is also about the 2010 German Love Parade tragedy.

From Breaking News in Ireland:

Bishop: Love Parade was sinful

07/08/2010 – 16:11:35

An Austrian bishop described the techno festival that led to 21 deaths and 500 injuries as a sinful event and indirectly linked the deaths to God’s punishment.

Salzburg’s Roman Catholic bishop Andreas Laun said that the Love Parade and participation in it was “a rebellion against creation and against God’s order” and “an invitation to sin”. …

The tragedy occurred on July 24 when crowds of people streaming into the festival in the German city of Duisburg surged through a jammed entry tunnel.

According to RTL TV in the Netherlands:

The bishop considers all visitors of the Love Parade to be sinners.

It is well established that the cause of the 21 deaths and 500 injuries in Duisburg was financial greed, of the event management and the mayor of Duisburg, Adolf Sauerland.

However, the Right Reverend Laun, instead of criticizing Christian Democrat and fellow Roman Catholic Sauerland, pretends to know all visitors (said to be hundreds of thousands to over a million) and all casualties of the Duisburg tragedy personally; and pretends he can stick the label “sinner” on all of them.

There are many cases of children sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests; including in Austria; including in the Right Reverend Laun’s own diocese. I do not pretend to know about all the culprits personally. However, it would be a fair guess that the overwhelming majority of priests abusing children do not die horrible deaths in traffic accidents or similar ways. Probably, quite some of them are in excellent health. In Bishop Laun’s logic, this would mean that God supposedly considers their child abuse favourably; or, at least more favourably than going to hear music in Duisburg.

Bishop Laun’s Islamophobic and homophobic views are well known.

Disaster Plan: Love Parade Documents Reveal a Series of Errors: here.

Nearly a month later, the irresponsibility of the organisers and all those politically liable for the tragedy that befell the Love Parade on July 24, claiming 21 lives and injuring over 500, is clearly evident: here.

Germans petition Love-Parade-disaster city to impeach mayor: here.

Germany: One year after the Love Parade disaster: here.

[Roman Catholic] Archbishop of Westminster’s aide says gay rights have made Britain a ‘wasteland’: here.

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