Blair’s ‘Iraq WMD’ lies


The misery that the Blair government inflicted on the Iraqi people alone should be enough to warrant charging the former prime minister with war crimes: here.

How Many Iraqis Did We “Liberate” From Life on Earth? Here.

No way home, no escape: US abandons Iraqi collaborators to reprisals: here.

David Turner, former business director at British-based multinational company Innospec, struck a deal at the weekend with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over charges of bribing Iraqi and Indonesian officials so that the firm could sell the countries highly toxic chemicals: here.

USA: Iraq withdrawal = occupation rebranded? Sign the Iraq Debacle petition, call for return of all troops & contractors now! Here.

Iraq: Minister closes all union offices in Saddam-style move: here.

Lieutenant General Babaker Zerbari, the commander of the Iraqi armed forces created under US military occupation, on Wednesday publicly called for American troops to remain until at least 2020. Zerbari was speaking to Agency France Presse (AFP) about the looming August 31 deadline for the ostensible end of US combat operations in Iraq under the terms of the 2008 Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed between the Bush administration and the Iraqi government: here.

18 thoughts on “Blair’s ‘Iraq WMD’ lies

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