BP oil-Sarah Palin connection

This video from the USA is called Palin‘s ‘Drill Baby Drill’ Vs. Oil Spill.

It is becoming a bit clearer why Sarah Palin wanted to rescind the limits on Big Oil offshore drilling …

By Anita Stewart in the USA, on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

As an interesting postscript: the FIRST DUDE, Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd was a consultant for BP. This fact is not even being mentioned by any of the mainstream media outlets. He worked for them for 18 years! I think Sarah Palin can tell us much about energy policies and how her family has profited from them. See:


Dead Sea Turtles, Fish Wash Ashore In Gulf (PHOTOS): here.

The Gulf oil spill: An American Chernobyl: here.

Paul Krugman: Drilling, Disaster, Denial: here.

BP failed in preventing blowout: here.

Hundreds of of Bay Area residents are signing up to help rescue animals caught in the oil spill. The phone is ringing of the hook at Save Our Seabirds in Sarasota: here.

Diamondback terrapin recovery threatened by oil spill: here.

Obama, the US Republicans, and the oil disaster: here.

Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, is leading a team of NWF staffers to the areas impacted by the Gulf Coast oil spill: here.

Palin promotes offshore drilling in the middle of oil spill: here.

In 2008, Sarah Palin had no clue who Margaret Thatcher was. In 2010, Thatcher became her “hero”: here.

Anglo American promised it would not touch the pristine habitat of Bristol Bay without our blessing. It must honor its word. Among our Alaskan native tribes, a promise made is a promise kept. Such promises over the generations have kept our populations of wild sockeye salmon, which sustain our culture and feed our families, plentiful and healthy. And last year, Cynthia Carroll, chief executive of London-based mining giant Anglo American PLC, made a promise: here.

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