Cetti’s warbler increase in Dutch nature reserve

This video is about a Cetti’s warbler in Lac de Grand-Lieu in France.

From Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands:


The rare Cetti’s warbler (Cettia cetti) is continuing its forward march into the Biesbosch nature reserve. In this Natura 2000 area and national park, this year almost 250 nesting territories have been found. In 2006, for the the first time after many years, a breeding couple had been observed. Before that, the Cetti’s warbler appeared only rarely. Only in 1978 about 25 breeding pairs were counted, but after the severe winter of 1978-1979 they were almost all gone.

The State Forest Service is pleased with the large presence of this little bird. They estimate that this year more than 60% of the national Cetti’s warbler population will nest in the Biesbosch. That shows the importance of this Natura 2000 area for the bird. Also for species such as bluethroat, marsh harrier and kingfisher, Biesbosch is an important area.

Last year, there were about 150 breeding Cetti’s warbler couples in the Biesbosch.

8 thoughts on “Cetti’s warbler increase in Dutch nature reserve

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