British police killed anti-racist Blair Peach

This music video from Britain is called Linton Kwesi JohnsonReggae Fi Peach 1980.

From British weekly Socialist Worker:

Official: cops murdered anti-racist Blair Peach

Anti-Nazi protester Blair Peach was “almost certainly” killed by police during a demonstration against the National Front in Southall, west London, in 1979.

That was the conclusion of the Metropolitan Police’s own inquiry, released this week—under pressure from a freedom of information request—after a three decade campaign by his friends.

But nobody is going to be prosecuted.

See also here. And here. And here.

Blair Peach was killed 35 years ago today. Lindsey German, who knew him as a radical young teacher, looks back at the day in Southall when anti-fascists bore the brunt of police brutality: here.

The Northern Carnival against the Nazis this weekend is part of a tradition of using music to help fight the far right. Yuri Prasad talked to some of those who are putting pop together with politics – from the 1970s through to today: here.

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