Reed warblers are back from Africa

Today, again to where the Baillon’s crakes nested last year.

For the first time this year, I hear sedge warbler and reed warbler songs. They have returned here, all the way from Africa. Will the Baillon’s crakes follow them here later?

Reed buntings singing as well.

Tufted ducks. Grey lag geese with goslings.

Gadwall ducks. A male common pochard. Mallards with ducklings. Canada geese.

A northern lapwing drives away a lesser black-backed gull.

A coot with chicks drives away a big fish moving around wildly in the water because of the mating season. I can’t be sure which fish species. Carp? Or pike? If it is a pike, then it is very courageous and dangerous what the coot does.

A male shoveler. A female gadwall with ducklings.

In the northern lake, a shelduck. Willow warbler sound.

The Canada goose still sitting on its nest.

Oystercatchers; redshanks. Just a few black-tailed godwits left.

A great crested grebe still on its nest.

Walking back, another great crested grebe in a broad ditch, managing to swallow a rather big fish after some trouble.

A black-tailed godwit standing where the Baillon’s crakes nested last year.

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