New Vietnamese gecko species discovered

This video is called Newly identified self cloning lizard found in Vietnam.

From Viet Nam Net:

New gecko discovered in nature reserve

16:55′ 04/02/2010 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – Researchers have found out a new species of gecko in the Ta Cu Nature Reserve in Binh Thuan province.

The new endemic gecko is named Gekko takouensis sp. nov. Ngo & Gamble since it was discovered by Ngo Van Tri, an expert from the HCM City Institute of Tropical Biology and Dr. Tony Gamble from the Minnesota University, USA.

This is the second endemic gecko species found on Ta Cu mountain. The other is bent-toe gecko named Cyrtodactylus takouensis Ngo & Bauer.

Recently, many rare species of animals have been discovered in the Ta Cu Nature Reserve, including francolin, mountain hawk, Truong Son silver douc and black-legged monkey (Pygathrix nigripes).

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Ta Cu Nature Reserve has 751 floral species and at least 15 species are very rare. It is also the home to around 178 species of terrestrial spinal [vertebrate] animals.

Dr. Vu Ngoc Long, Director of the HCM City Institute of Tropical Biology‘s Bio-diversity and Development Centre, there are at least 25 species of endangered animals at the Ta Cu Nature Reserve.

To protect the important nature reserve, a project has been launched to improve management capacity of local authorities and raise people’s awareness of protecting environment.

Can the Saint Croix Ground Lizard be saved?

1 thought on “New Vietnamese gecko species discovered

  1. New lizard species fed to diners

    16:00 AEST Fri Nov 12 2010

    By ninemsn staff

    Scientists have discovered a new species of lizard, being served for dinner at restaurants in rural Vietnam.

    A Vietnamese reptile scientist discovered the new lizard — Leiolepis ngovantrii, an all-female species which clones itself to reproduce — living in tanks ready to be served to hungry diners in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province in southern Vietnam, CNN reports.

    The lizards caught his attention when he noticed they all appeared to be female.

    Ngo Van Tri, from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, called his colleague Lee Grismer in the US and told him about the odd find.

    Grisner rushed to Hanoi and spent a bumpy two days travelling to the rural village by motorcycle, where the restaurant owner set aside a tank of lizards for the scientists to study.

    But when Grisner arrived to see the lizards, there was a problem.

    “Unfortunately, the owner wound up getting drunk and grilled them all up for his patrons … so when we got there, there was nothing left,” Dr Grismer said.

    Distraught, the scientists asked local children if they could help find any of the lizards at other restaurants in the town.

    Luckily it was easy to find the reptiles, which are a local delicacy, and they soon had more than 60.

    “It’s an entirely new lineage of life that was being eaten and sold in restaurants for food,” said Dr Grismer.

    “But it’s something that scientists have missed for hundreds of years.”

    Their taste, however, leaves something to be desired for western palettes.

    Dr Grismer said he had to hold his breath while eating the local dish to appear polite to the restaurant owners.

    “You take a bite out of it and it feels like something very old and dead in your mouth,” he said.


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